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About Those Math Problems

Richmond has a distinct sound. Its Slang. Traffic. Construction. Music. Many rise and fall on the Richmond Sound, similar to the Richmond Stare, it can be: cold, unforgiving,...


Posing Beauty: Gateway to Emotion and History

In the age of selfie’s and paparazzi, it’ hard to discern real photography from its amateur counterparts, but one exhibit hopes to make the separation clear. “Posing...


Rap That Gets You Thinking

Thinking Ahead is what Eastern Shore, VA rapper Handles is all about. Handles says, “My mother always bread that into me. Education, schooling and knowledge have always...

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Eye Dee Kay Where I’ve Heard That

Unique, animated, spoiled, eccentric, loyal, a giver, loves hard and hurts easily. These are all words that describe the sounds of a songstress that writes and signs...

Honey B

Who’s Buzzin?

“We are given life, we have to take chances. No one is going to give us anything.” @misshoneyb Her words describe her path perfectly and Honey B...


2AM Alcohol & Music is Still Flowing

When you think of North Carolina’s Triad Region and hip hop names like 9th Wonder, Little Brother and the whole Justice League come to mind. Building off...


X the Artist: Passing Scraps Turned Into Expressions of Artistic Genius

“The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place: from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a...

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Sanura: Showing You the View

A sound as relaxing as waves crashing on the shores of Virginia Beach in spring describes the voice of this Virginia Beach native, that has seen her...

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Ray Lavender: The “RnB Hustler”

Widely known for his constant strides in the R&B industry, Ray Lavender is continuously making moves to grow as an artist. Hailing from Monroe, Louisiana, Lavender recalls...


Chris Scholar: New R&B Sensation

At the age of 21, Virginia native and sensational R&B force Chris Scholar is one to look out for.